Battling with Your Ego and Going with the Flow
Battling with Your Ego and Going with the Flow…
February 23, 2016
What does your story say about you?
What does your story say about you?
May 16, 2016

Your archetypal mentor – guiding you on your journey

Your Archetypal Mentor

Mentors can take on many different forms, today we are going to look at the different characteristics of a mentor as you seek to grow and develop in your life. In business we often look for a mentor who has achieved a certain result in their life, so that you too can go about achieving the same result for yourself. Though I personally believe there are numerous mentors that can assist you on your path.

When you look at your personal hero’s journey, you will face your road of trials on a physical level, as well as on an emotional level. Therefore, it is essential that we look at a mentor for both aspects of your journey. Mentors will appear in your life when you are looking to grow and develop and I am a great believer in the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!”

Prior to seeking a mentor I always think its important to ask yourself “What is it that I want to achieve in my life?” and “Who as a mentor would be aligned with my goal and vision?”

You can then begin searching for the ideal mentor for you as you progress through your journey, make sure to find someone who shares similar values and beliefs, an individual who has faced similar challenges that you may find on your journey. As with the title of the article, your mentor will be guiding you on your journey, they can show you they way but you are going to be the one walking the path. It has been said that “If there is a path, it is someone else’s path and you are not on the adventure“. The goal of the mentor is to help you to forge your own path and create your own success.

Here are some characteristics of the archetypal mentor:

The Mentor provides you (The Hero) with Inspiration, Motivation, Guidance and Training. Lets look at Morpheous from The Matix as an example. His role is to help Neo through his road of trials, teaching him how to fight, how to see the world through a new set of eyes and shows him a new way of living and being. Just like with Morpheous, your mentor will play the same role. He will set you challenges and objectives to help you grow, develop and create success in your life. Like with everything though, we all work differently and therefore we will all experience setbacks and failures. The mentor is here to help you to find a way that works for you!

With all the physical challenges you face, you will often experience setbacks on your road of trails. This can often discourage you and knock you back, this is where you face your emotional journey, often described as the journey inward. This is where it is essential you find a mentor to support you with this stage of your journey, to guide your through your ups and downs/ good and bad times.

For this example I am going to speak about Pinocchio as he was given the ideal mentor to support him through his inward journey and his road of trials. At the beginning of the film Pinocchio made a wish to become a real boy, upon making the wish a blue fairy appeared and said to Pinocchio that he could become a real boy if he always followed his conscience. She then appointed Jiminy Cricket as a his guide and mentor and said to Pinocchio to “Always let your conscience be your guide” .

This is an example of a mentor that can assist you with your inward journey. They will help you to stay in alignment with your values, beliefs and drivers, and ultimately stay true to yourself. Often temptations will appear on your path, they may even lead you astray. Your mentor will be there to keep you on track with what you truly want to create in your life.

Do you have a mentor to assist you on both your Physical and Emotional Journey? If not, can you recognise someone in your life at present that can assist you?

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Thank You for reading and I wish you all the best on your journey to success!



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Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
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