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April 6, 2016
Beauty and the Beast Symbolism: The Dark Side of Love
Beauty and the Beast Symbolism: The Dark Side of Love
May 21, 2016

What does your story say about you?

What does your story say about you?

The truth is that your story is an expression of who you are! It’s a culmination of your past, present and future. As you look back at your past, you identify with the character you are today and what has brought you here in this present moment. This allows you to connect with what is important for you at this present moment as you look to build and create a vision your future. It has been said many times that you should not live in your story and whilst i believe that to be true. I do also believe that connecting with your story allows you to truly align yourself and create a vision for the future. It allows you to connect with the essence of who you are at the deeper core level so you can begin living your truth and following your bliss.

As you begin looking at your past, you can identify with your old conditions of the Ego, conditions of society, culture, you parents and your experiences in life. When you look at these patterns, you will start to see patterns that are still playing out in your life today, these are the very things holding you back. The Ego represents your concious mind but has also become a part of who your are at the core as you look at your deeper Self. By looking at your Ego, you will then see some of the conditions that have held you back, your unconscious blocks that prevent you from moving forward. These conditions will have formed your Shadow, where you get your unconscious learnings. Your Ego, your Self and your Shadow together, create your unique expression, your character and your persona. Your journey is a place of nurturing each aspect of your Ego, your Self and your Shadow, so you can break free and begin living a happy fulfilled life. Know that your story is a part of you and will bring you closer to who you are and how you express yourself in the world.

That doesn’t mean you have to live your past life story. You have the ability to rewrite your story at any time! Like with everything, it takes time and requires you breaking free from old conditions and patterns of your Ego to start living the life you want to lead!

Have an Amazing Day Everyone! Thank You for reading, I wish you all the best with your Individual Journey and Story.

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Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine is the Founder of The Soul Pathway, and he helps individuals embrace each and every aspect of who they are so that they can truly connect with their Soul and Awaken to their Soul Pathway. Using practices from psychology and philosophy through to coaching and spirituality, he helps people to gain clarity and perspective in their lives and live in alignment with who the are. This will enable people to live more purposeful and enriched lives.. - More Information...