The Soul Awakened Man program has been designed to assist you in breaking free from any conditions and patterns that are no longer serving you, so that you are able to begin living life in alignment with your True Self. We have created this package for those of you who are truly committed to spiritual growth and development, and for those of you who would like to raise your consciousness and awareness in order to become whole and at one within yourself. If deep down, you have a sense of wanting more but you don’t know what it is, then this program is for you…

Over the years our Society and Culture has taught us all to live and be a certain way, and if as men we don’t meet the societal expectations and needs, then we can often feel inadequate and unworthy. Much like many men, I felt disconnected myself as I didn’t meet societies expectation of who I was taught I “should” be. This caused me to feel lost and alone, and it led me on my journey of self discovery where I not only found myself, I was also able to create a sense of balance and harmony in my life. The Soul Pathway is one of breaking free of societal and cultural expectations, in order to find your true self and connect with you Soul, to live by what drives you and brings you happiness in the moment.

Soul Awakened Man

“An Awakened Man is a Warrior of Authenticity. His weapon is his consciousness. With it he releases your soul. And with all his strength, he will guard your heart. By being in balance with the force of his own true path”

So if you are like me and you feel as though you have…

  • Lost who you are in the process of living your life

  • Become disconnected in the world and would like to live a much more enriched life.

  • Found it challenging to move away from conditions and patterns that are causing you pain.

The I would like to assist you with my latest Soul Awakened Man program. Within the program, I will help you Shift from Self to Soul as you Awaken to Your True Self! I do that by guiding you through the Soul Pathway process and provide you with 1 to 1 personal mentoring to assist you on your journey. It my goal and aim to help you to shift from the conditioned masculine to the divine masculine and Soul Awakened Man.

For thousands of years, we have been expressing ourselves through masculine programming. This has affected us as a collective as well as impacting us as individuals. Join me on my Soul Awakened Man course and lets work together to restore balance and harmony to ourselves and the collective.

Your Investment for the Soul Awakened Man program is $297 with a Payment Plan Available.

One Time Payment

This is our 1 time payment option that is available to pay for all 4 sessions up front.

Instalment Plan

Total Amount: $75.00
Recurring Payment: $75.00