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June 26, 2015
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Entrepreneurs and Brands with Inspiring Business Stories
November 12, 2015

The Journey Inwards – Inner Heros Journey

The Journey Inwards - Inner Hero's Journey

Often when we look at our lives and we evaluate what we have achieved or would like to achieve, we look at the external/ tangible things. We set goals and outcomes as we each strive for “success”, yet much of the time we neglect the inner journey we each go through in life. Much of our biggest learnings and transformations come from how we emotionally feel about a situation or event and so within this article I am going to be talking about The Hero’s Journey as an Inwards process. And the first thing that came to mind for me was the quote by Joseph Campbell:


The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek…


The truth is, at the start of our journey we will set big goals and intentions that are far out of our reach. When we set these goals, we are filled with excitement, yet soon enough the overwhelm and fear kicks in and ultimately refuse the call to adventure. This comes from a fear of the unknown, an overwhelm that we are not god enough or just that its just beyond what is possible for us. The important thing in this situation is to notice it and embrace it, as fear will play a large role throughout your journey. The key thing to recognise is that the fear is present and its just about working through it and with it.

As you then progress through your journey and step out of your comfort zone and in to that fear of the unknown. This is when your mentor will appear, they will give you guidance, inspiration and motivation to progress on your journey. As they saying goes…


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…


So…now that you have stepped out on your journey, you will start facing your Road of Trials, where you face your challenges and obstacles as you grow, develop and transform. Through our road of trials, we will often at times feel discouraged and worthless, as we will experience set backs. But the truth is, they are not setbacks at all, they are more stepping stones for us to grow as an individual. At this part of the journey, it is important for you to align yourself with who you are, ask yourself…  What is important to me in my life? What do I truly want to achieve or create for myself? and What motivates and drives me every day?

When we walk through our road of trial, we face setbacks and will often be lured in by external influences and temptations, of money or what Joseph Campbell describes as sexual desires. These will usually appear on our journey when we are experiencing our greatest pain but know that these temptations will be guiding you off your path. This again is important to recognise and this is why I say, make sure to become aligned with who you are and what you truly want to do. These temptations may well be aligned with your path and if so, that is fantastic.  This is where the emotional self reflection comes in.. is it truly what I want to do? Check in with yourself and see how that feels for you, your intuition will be your guide.

Through out your road of trials you will also feel the excitement of creating the success in your life. Each successful challenge will fill you with confidence and belief. Along the journey you will start to create this shift in conciousness where you start to feel complete as you reach closer towards your dreams. Its as if everything has come together. Soon enough it does come together as you complete your final ordeal and start becoming the hero in your own life. This is usually a feeling of coming home and becoming content within yourself. The journey though is not yet complete… in order to become a hero in your own life, you now need to give back and take the journey back.

The Road Back…

This is another place of self reflection as your look at your whole journey from where you first started. You revisit your road of trials as you reflect on what you have learned, this then becomes about helping other who are facing similar challenges and obstacles in life. This is when you achieve a level of mastery in your life, you can see the world through two sets of eyes, through your success and with the others facing their own journey. This again could be a feeling of coming home and feeling complete. Finally asking yourself Why do I do what I do… Who can now give back to in life… How does that make me feel…

I hope you have found this useful and has given you an understanding of your Inner Hero’s Journey. If you have any questions, feel free to share them below and I wish you all the best with your journey to success.


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Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
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