Shift from Self to Soul - Connect with Your True Soul Essence

Throughout life we go through experiences and situations that bog us down, and make us feel empty. Sometimes we face the deepest traumas we can ever imagine, and these can stay with us for a lifetime. This is what forms what I regard as our Shadow which is a culmination of our suppressed emotions and experiences. Now when we shut these experiences away, we become numb and act out of our hurt. In times people live this sadness for a lifetime. Ultimately this can us feeling unworthy, not good enough and depressed.

When it comes to delving deep into your Soul through mentoring, what I am doing is assisting you in resolving the unresolved emotions held within you. I work personally with you to get to the depth of who you are at the core so that ultimately you can bring happiness into your life once more. There is no doubt that this can be challenging at times, yet it is really getting to the truth of who you are.

Through our Soulful Mentoring Sessions, we will look at what has shaped you into the person you are today. We explore the conditions from Society, Culture, Religion and the Values and Beliefs Passed onto You By You Parents which cause you to feel shackled by your past. Along with that, we will delve deep into your unconscious to reveal Shadow aspects within you that need to be healed in order for you to become whole once more.

I don't give you answers but help you to find answers within yourself!

My Sessions are very much unique to you as an individual with each session lasting approximately 1 1/2 hrs. We use Zoom Conferencing for all of our mentoring sessions and each session will cost $100. Book your session below using our online calendar: *Note: Should you need to cancel for any reason, we require a minimum of 48hrs notice.

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