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January 27, 2017
You Are Natural Resonance
You Are Natural Resonance
February 21, 2017

Nature’s Wisdom: Recognizing our Own Value

Recognizing Your Own Value through Natures Wisdom

We all have many facets to our lives that co-exist such as being a woman, a mother, a wife, employee, employer, sister, friend…. And I could go on.  Recognizing our own value in all those facets is not always easy.

How can we feel good about ourselves when we have so many hats to wear?

We live in a collective that doesn’t always pay attention to everyone. People will start recognizing our value when we acknowledge our own self-worth. This way we can make better choices when we have those ‘I should’ or ‘I could’ show up in our life.

Recognizing our own Value from Nature’s perspective is not about inflated egos, or self-importance, it is about recognizing the value of each organism and what it contributes to the whole.

  • In order for Nature to be what it is, each organism needs to recognize its own value and be present in all that it is.

For example: the tree that only puts value, energy and nourishment in its leaves or branches, will end up on the ground and broken because its value comes from every part of the tree, especially the roots and the trunk…If one part is neglected, the tree can no longer live. The value of the tree comes from the whole tree, not just certain parts of it.

We must nourish what makes us who we are, making sure to care for what is hidden and often times secret to the rest of the world. Time and energy spent tending to our own ‘roots’ i.e. Self, will only serve to help us grow and strengthen who we are so that we can face what takes place in our life.

  • Nature’s capacity to accept what she is dealt into a gift to sustain its journey of growth, transformation and change is always present.

So Nature takes the water, the sun, the seasons, whatever comes her way, and transforms it into something to serve her. Like the winter months that are coming, Nature uses that time to rest and ground itself.  Even the animals adapt.  Some birds fly south, others stay. Some animals start changing colours to blend into the environment to help them survive. Each organism playing a valuable role of being themselves during these times of change and transition. Doing what they know will help sustain themselves and the whole that is nature.

We could learn a lot from her about how to deal with what shows up in our lives. Those times when we face quick changes or gradual transition.  We can allow to recognize our value in ourselves during those times, trusting that we have what we need to get us through.  It doesn’t make it easy, it just makes it part of a process that is a reminder that we are still here and valuable no matter what we have to face.

  • In Nature there are no promises or guarantees. Nothing exists outside of the present moment. Being here now, recognizing the value of today at this moment is all that Nature has.

Recognizing Your Own Value through Natures Wisdom

This tree has kept on growing around the wire fence and it is still alive. This photo was taken this fall (2015) in our back yard.

No matter where this path takes the organism in Nature. Recognizing that each stage will reveal its secrets. Nature has a surprising way of transforming, adapting, staying alive, solid and in the moment. I’ve seen trees that have grown around massive rocks, twisted themselves beyond what we normally see with a tree and yet, they are still here.

Recognizing our own value to be able to take what might be disguised as a loss and turn this into a different journey, a transformation of events, and a new life. Whatever we face in our life, we have what we need to get us through.

  • Nature adapts and shifts to what is part of its journey.

That tree that no longer grows yet stays standing in the forest; it serves to feed various small animals like birds and insects maintaining a lot of value in its contribution to nature, no matter which stage of its life it is in.

Nature’s value doesn’t come from its perfection, it comes from its dedication to its growth no matter what shows up.  The constant growth doesn’t always look the same with each stage of life but the twists, knots, decay, growth will give it even more value with time.

Recognizing our own value doesn’t require us to squash everything around us. By taking ownership of who we are, letting ourselves grow into all that we can be while respecting our limits and our journey should allow us to bring our value to our daily life. Exactly like Nature.

Nicole Levac - Natures Wisdom
Nicole Levac - Natures Wisdom
Nicole has been around nature all of her life. Studying healing, energy and business courses, she always turned to nature to understand how this could serve her in her life. She is a co-author in the collaborative 365 book series. She lives in the Ottawa valley with her partner, Joe, her twin daughters and their dog. You can connect with Nicole at - www.nicolelevac.com