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Entrepreneurs and Brands with Inspiring Business Stories
November 12, 2015
Hypnotherapy Relaxation and Healing Session - The Entrepreneurs Journey
Hypnotherapy Relaxation and Healing Session
December 7, 2015

Identifying Archetypes on Your Journey

Identifying Archetypes on Your Journey - The Entrepreneurs Journey

Identifying Archetypes on Your Journey

As you progress through your journey, there are always archetypes that can help you to grow, develop and transform your life. There are also archetypes that can be a hindrance to you and prevent you from moving forward and achieving success, they may seem to have the best intentions for you but can often hold you back. Within this article, I will be sharing some of the key archetypes that you will come across on your journey. When you identify these archetypes within your life and journey, you can truly start living a life of purpose and passion, and start achieving success in your life.

Within this article, we are going to place you as the Hero or Heroine on your journey as we identify some of the other characters on you meet on your path. You may notice characters you play within other people’s lives as you help them to transform their lives. Throughout the article, I will often use references from movies so you can best identify each character in your story.

The Hero or Heroine

Samwise Gamgee - Heros Journey ArchetypeYou… the Hero or Heroine are the architect of your own life and story. You are the protagonist and central character of your journey. Your primary purpose is to separate yourself from the ordinary world and sacrifice yourself for the service of others and the journey itself. As coaches, therapists, consultants and entrepreneurs you want to make a difference in the world, you will see yourself as the hero or heroine as you start making a difference in other peoples lives. Many of you will be looking to serve and make a difference to the world, to embark on a journey much greater than yourself as you look to serve others. As Joseph Campbell states: “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” 

And so the journey begins as you embark on our “Call to Adventure”…

The Mentor

The Mentor - ArchetypeThe mentor is the key character within your journey, they act as guidance to help you to grow, develop and transform as you face your road of trials, challenges and obstacles, and inner demons. The mentor provides you with motivation, inspiration, guidance and training throughout your journey. One mentor that stands of for me is Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio, he acts as Pinocchio’s conscience as he guides him on his journey to becoming a real boy. Not only does he help Pinocchion throughout his journey, he also steers him away from any temptations that come across his path. As the saying goes in the film “Always let your conscience be your guide” – Here is a short clip from Pinocchio which relates to the mentor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOZzNOkcEgM

When you seek a mentor for your life or business, I would always recommend to find someone who has walked a similar path to yourself. He will be your conscience as he will have faced similar challenges and obstacles and he can guide you through them. Mentors can help you to overcome challenges and obstacles and can also be described as your Inner Mentor, who give you the motivation, inspiration and courage to face your journey.

Who is the Mentor in Your Life or Business? Who will guide you through your challenges?

Threshold Guardians

Aragorn - Heros Journey ArchetypeThroughout your journey you will often face threshold guardians, you will find these at each gateway on your journey. According to Christopher Vogler author of The Writers Journey, these powerful guardians are placed to keep the unworthy from entering. This can represent people that come into your life and hold you back, maybe someone who does not believe that you can make a success of what you are doing or cause you to doubt yourself. They can also become your allies, very much like Aragorn from Lord of the Ring. Initially he prevented Frodo from passing, until he realised his intentions and not only allowed him to pass but also became one of his most important allies. They are there to help you get prepared for the next stage of your journey and also become a support to you. In some respects I would say they are act as introspection for you as you ask yourself, Am I worthy? Do I deserve this? What can I do to make this happen?

On a psychological level, your threshold guardians represent your inner demons. This is where other archetypes can act as a support mechanisms to help you grow. Helping you to heal any of the doubts and limiting beliefs you have about yourself. When you identify some of the inner demons you are facing, your life and journey will become much easier. You will still face the challenges and obstacles, and you will now have a support network around you.

What fears, doubts and internal obstacles are you facing in your life? What do you have to do to transition through them?

The Shapeshifter

Saruman - Heros Journey ArchetypesMany characters on your journey have good intentions, they help your growth and truly want you to succeed. The shapeshifter though is a character that represents Trust and Mistrust, so at times does not have your best intentions at heart. Shapeshifters usually bring up issues of loyalty because they are literally two-faced. Usually shapeshifters will appear when you are at a low point on your journey, where things just don’t seem to be working out. They usually come in the form of a temptation, where they offer you a way out of your troubles.  Initially they can seem like they have your best intentions at heart though ultimately they can lead you off your path and purpose. This is when I would stress to the importance of aligning yourself with who you are, as when you do this, shapeshifters will not lead you astray.

As an Entrepreneur, shapeshifters will come offering the temptation of money and happiness. Throughout my journey I have had people come offering me Network Marketing (MLM) opportunities, with the goal of creating financial freedom. Now, I am not someone that does not like Network Marketing as much of the time I love the products that they are offering and tend to use them. When offered the business opportunity I always as myself, is it aligned with who I am and what I want to achieve in my life? Who may appear as shapeshifters in your life? Is the opportunity presented to you an opportunity aligned with what you want to achieve? 


Gollum - Heros Journey ArchetypesThe trickster embodies the energies of mischief and the desire for change. He cuts big egos down to size and brings the hero down to earth. They often bring about change by bringing imbalance or absurdity a certain situation and often create laughter. Tricksters are catalyst characters who affect the lives of others but are unchanged themselves. In some ways these characters can be similar to shapeshifters. Who is the trickster in your life?




Sauron - Heros Journey ArchetypesIn films there is always a villain or nemesis, who represents the energy of the dark side. Vogler says the function of the shadow is to challenge you, the hero; and gives you a worthy opponent in the struggle. In life shadows have many admirable qualities that humanize them. Most shadows do not see themselves as the villain, but merely heros in their own myth. As many of you know I am passionate about natural health, well-being and also spirituality, yet there are many people that dont hold the same beliefs as myself. It is my goal and aim spread the word about the natural alternatives to modern day medicine and dispel the myths out there in the world. It is key to identify the shadow characters in your story, so you as coaches, therapists and consultants can help more people transform on their path.


The Divine Feminine

Gladriel - Heros Journey ArchetypesThis is an archetype that is often neglected when people write about archetypes, yet I personally believe this character to be one of the most important on your journey. The Divine Feminine is a character that provides you with nurture and support, someone that provides you with that introspection as you grow. As a mother, the divine feminine nurtures her children as she gives that loving support as they progress through life. Along your journey, you are going to face struggles and tough times and this is why the divine feminine is so important to your success. They teach you to self reflect, helping you detach from your ego and connect with who you are at the core. Balance is as key in life as it is in business and the divine feminine allows you to nurture yourself and bring into harmony both your masculine and feminine energies.

Have you got someone in your life that acts as the divine feminine or at least share some of the characteristics?  


As you can see there are many characters you will meet along your journey, each of them providing you with guidance to become the hero or heroine within your own life.  Whether they be The Mentor, The Villain (Shadow), Trickster or other characters. Everyone in life is our teacher and each character plays a part in your story. Remember that your journey is filled with challenges and obstacles that lay before you, each trial acting as a stepping stone to bring you closer to your dreams. You will face bumps along the road but dont let that discourage you for the phoenix must burn to rise above the ashes! You are the architect of your own story and you choose how it is going to end…

Thank You for Reading and I wish you all the best on your journey!

P.S. Keep in mind, each and every archetype is key to your success and growth.

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