Your Journey and Story Lead to Your Why
Your Journey and Story Lead to Your Why…
February 16, 2016
Your Archetypal Mentor
Your archetypal mentor – guiding you on your journey
April 6, 2016

Battling with Your Ego and Going with the Flow…

Battling with Your Ego and Going with the Flow

Battling with Your Ego and Going with the FlowToday within this article I am going to be talking to you about battling with your Ego and going with the flow. At first we are going to look at what the ego is, and how it is formed. On the right you can see an image that represents the persona which is formed of The Ego, The Self and The Shadow, which I have spoken about as a whole on some of my previous posts.

The Ego is formed by the conditions that have been placed on you by the society and the world you have grown up to know and believe, your parents, the school system, and the people you looked up to from a young age. This has become the world you have come to know and trust, and has come to form the world at which you live in today. People in other cultures will have formed very different beliefs and conditions than what you do. They will look at the world differently and will go about their lives in a different manner. Battling with your ego is all about battling with the conditions that have been placed on you over the years, and forming a new belief structure in your mind, allowing you to create a new world for yourself. Allowing you to ultimately break free from the conditions of society and trusting yourself to follow and forge your own path.

The reason I have called this article “Battling with Your Ego ” is because it becomes a process of questioning all that you know to make way for a new pathway and new set of beliefs. For example when first starting out as an Entrepreneur you may have been bought up in a system to believe that working the 9 to 5 was the only way and you “Can’t possibly create a living working for yourself”. Your battle with your Ego may be that you didnt believe you could make it on your own, as no-one else you knew had done that. It requires your to question what you have come to know, so you can then begin creating a new set of belief structures that support you.

When I began my journey into the world of personal development and natural health, I had little or no knowledge of the industry. It was a real eye opener when I went on my first course and not only were my beliefs questioned but something had shifted within me. Prior to going on one of my hypnotherapy trainings, I was not sure how it was going to make a difference in my life. During one of my trainings I was shown that you could remove pain in an instant with hypnotherapy. Prior to this I was made to believe that drugs was the only answer for controlling pain. This led me on my own journey to questioning everything, but along the way, it was my Ego and conditions placed on me by society that caused me to be hesitant about certain things.

Its your Ego that protects you in some way as it forms who you are as an individual. The battle with the ego comes when you are resistant to change and refuse to believe what is standing right in front of you. Your journey, should you choose to accept it is to approach everything with curiosity and an open mind. Your mind and your Ego will naturally resist the change as often what you are learning is a world away from where you are now. You could in fact say that it is a process of unlearning.

When you begin approaching situations with a level of curiosity, you make way for the possibility of something new to come. I would liken it your own personal dance with the ego, as you begin questioning, your ego faces a refusal change due to the conditions you have formed over the years.

Allow your curiosity to propel you forward as you dance with the ego of you mind. Old conditions will soon dissolve to make way for new beliefs to serve you in the best possible way. New pathways will be forged a you progress along your journey, go with the flow and allow new conditions to unfold!

Thank You for reading, make sure to leave your comments and questions below.

I wish you all the best on your journey to success…

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