Explore your journey and gain a deeper sense of Self. Transform Your Story into a Hero’s Journey!

During this workshop we will take a deep and in-depth look at your journey and help you connect with your Soul. We will look at old conditions that have formed your Ego and are holding you back, then we will explore your unconscious Self and what drives you every day, and finally we uncover your Shadow aspects which encompass your unconscious fears and beliefs.

We will do this by guiding you through the 12 Stage’s of The Hero’s Journey as we look at how it applies to you, your life and your individual transformation. Together with The Hero’s Journey, we will explore your personal Hero’s Journey Archetypes to help you Awaken Your Hero Within. Exploring your archetypes will help you to gain clarity on who you are as an individual, assist you on your journey and bring balance and harmony into your life.

Prior to the workshop you will take Your own personal Heros Journey Archetypal Profile assesment. We will then work through your personal Dominant Archetypes to assist in your personal growth, transformation and spiritual development. Along with the Archetypes assessment you will also receive a workbook. This will help you to Gain Clarity and Perspective in Your Life, get a Deeper Understanding of your Self, Create a Vision for Your Future and Connect with Your Purpose and Passion…

Places cost £35 per person

Book Your Place below. It is a Maximum of 18 participants for this workshop.

Awaken Your Inner Hero - Glastonbury

Connect with Your Archetype Within by taking the Heroic Myth Index

The Heroic Myth Index is an assessent tool to identify the Dominant Archetypes that your reprepresent and express in the world. By connecting with your dominant archetypes you will be able to identify positive and negative (Shadow) aspects of your persona and character. This will assist you with your Spiritual Growth and Development as you Transform on Your Journey.

Prior to the workshop, you will receive the Heroic Myth Index questionnaire. We will then send you back the results within your own personal spreadsheet that you see on the left. During the workshop we will explore the Hero's Journey archetypes to bring balance and harmony into your life.

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