Shift from Self to Soul as you Embrace your Soul Pathway!

Break free from your Past conditioning from your Old Self as you begin living by your Soul Essence. Join us on a journey of self-exploration as you Awaken to your True Self on our Soul Pathway Group Coaching and Mentoring program...

Monthly Coaching

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Some part of you wants more and you are seeking it.
The path you are on, the creative and passionate spark within you is waiting for you to...

Awaken to Your Soul Pathway!

Are you yearning for deeper meaning in your life and currently feeling unfulfilled?

Do you feel shackled by conditions of the past that are causing you pain and discomfort?

Are you feeling lost in your life with the desire to gain a deeper sense of clarity and direction?

We all want to be happy, content and fulfilled, living our best life on our terms.

If any of the above sound like you, I invite you to join my group Awaken to Your Soul Pathway Coaching and Mentoring program, running Monthly. During the coaching program, you will be guided to Awaken to Your Soul Pathway. You will receive support on your journey to shift from Self to Soul as you awaken to your Higher Self as begin living in alignment with your Soul Pathway. We will explore your journey as you shift from your Old Self and patterns of behavior to living by your Soul's calling. This will enable you to live in the moment as you embrace the joy of life as you create a future that enlivens you every day! You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself which will allow you to walk life's journey with greater ease!

Stages of the Awaken Your Soul Pathways Mentoring Program...

Join Us as we Explore Your Unique Soul Pathway as you shift from Self to Soul!

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Stage 1 - Old Self
Exploring your Old Self is where we identify the conditions that have shaped who you are as an individual. We will delve into the conscious aspects of your mind and you're conditioned of Ego, as we help you to shift from your old Self to connecting with your Soul! We will do this by exploring the archetypes you live by, in order to raise your consciousness and awareness. Enabling you to break free from your past as you step into the future.
Stage 2 - Soul Awakening
Many of you will have spiritual or Soul Awakening experiences in your life. Within this stage, we will help you to gain a greater understanding of your experiences as you connect with your greater calling and Soul Purpose!
Stage 3 - Self Inquiry
When you have experienced a Soul Awakening, you are often met with fear or overwhelm. It is at this stage you will go through a time of self-enquiry as begin to come to terms with certain experiences in your life. This is often known as your battle with Ego as you shift from Self to Soul. During this time, we will help you to make that transition with ease as you embrace the journey ahead.
Stage 4 - The Shift
Within the stage of "The Shift", you are literally shifting from the place of conditioned Self to then embarking on your Soul Pathway. This is a physical and emotional shift that will require courage as you step into the world of the unknown and act on your intuition and guidance. At this stage, we will speak about how you can make that shift in Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Stage 5 - Transcendence
Once you have embraced the journey, you are then in a place of transcendence where you face physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that will enable you to truly connect with your soul. You will also encounter individuals on your path that will allow you to connect within as you Awaken to Your Soul Purpose and Connect with Your Soul Pathway. We will bring this all together in one module as you transcend from Self to Soul!
Stage 6 - Unification
Your phase of Unification is where you become at one with yourself as you bring together your Ego, Self and your Shadow. During this phase, we will look at bringing all aspects of yourself together as you become whole with yourself. You create a union of Masculine and Feminine within as you truly connect with your Soul!
Stage 7 - Higher Self/ Soul Pathway
After the phase of unification and atonement, you have then shifted to another level of consciousness as you transition to another realm of existence. It will be at this stage of your path, we will explore your collective mission as you raise the vibration of others around you.

Come and Join me on this Journey of Exploration of Self as You Connect with Your SOUL

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with one step.

Choose yourself. Take THE step.

Nichole did, here is what she had to say -

"The Soul Pathway is definitely one that is both humbling and honest. It helps paint a picture of the journey of life and how it fits you as a person. Through The Soul Pathway Andy has helped me to analyse my life and identity, my inner self-has really been revealed by exploring my journey. It’s human, everything about it!

It helped me to realize how much fear impacted me over and over again. It has allowed me to actually see when I have to stop listening to that fear and knew that I could beat the odds. I can see how it affects my career, my personal life, emotionally, socially everything. I would highly recommend Andy to support you on your Journey.."

Nichole Bledsoe

Places are Limited to 25 people, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

Your Community

We are in this together

We don’t go through life alone. At times we forget how powerful we are and how important supportive relationtionships can be. When we choose to face things that hold us back or prevent us from taking action it can scary, but you are not alone, we are all in this together.

In addition to the conversation during our live sessions, you are invited to participate in our private Facebook group that will support you during and after the Awaken Your Soul Pathway group mentoring and coaching program. We will constantly have new and updated material to support you on your path.

Because connections matter, use your Soul Pathway to live your best life. Where collectively we will support one another to serve a greater mission in the world!